And when I'm not reading Voltaire for class...

Yay for LJ icons! Insomnia and homework procrastination apparently lead to LJ icons...

{1-9} Battlestar Galactica
{10-25} Sailor Moon
{26-33} Full Metal Alchemist
{34-42} Casino Royal
{43-53} Final Fantasy X and X-2
{54-85} Chobits

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41 New Ouran Icons!!

Cross-posted to suddenlyfeline, okhc_icons, ouranhostclub

Various Ouran icons, all from the tail end of the series. Enjoy, I spent all afternoon and night working on them. . . I should have done some homework. But hey, it was Friday.

Credit is greatly appreciated and comments are teh l♥ve. THANKS!

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Hope you enjoyed! Credits to For Richer or Poorer for screencaps and 100x100_brushes for the brushes I used. Credit mihzuki or suddenlyfeline for the icons.
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You say 'Rolls', I say 'Royce'

This is what happens when I want to procrastinate about packing and I know I can afford to do so. Let me know if there's anything here you absolutely hate (constructive criticism is my friend) or like.^_^

{23}Who Wants to be a Superhero?
{17}Battlestar Galactica
{23}Audrey Hepburn
9 Sabrina
2 Breakfast at Tiffany's

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School doesn't start for another two weeks and boredom has set in--the direct result of this being a rather large icon batch.

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{18}Battlestar Galactica
{5}V for Vendetta
{1}My Fair Lady
{1}Breakfast at Tiffany's
{3}Random Audrey
{5}Stock (photos from Colorado)
{1}Star Wars (Phantom Menance)

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21 icons, mostly Haruhi in Wonderland

crossposted to ouranhostclub, okhc_icons, and suddenlyfeline

Made some more icons. Alice in Wonderland is the love, and Haruhi in Wonderland is even better. Anyway, I had fun making some of these. Especially the Renge ones, actually. Oh, that girl. What a comedian. Whelp, here are some teasers. Enjoy!

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Credits to 100x100_brushes for brushes. Also, thanks to arahyacinth for a tutorial on manga scan coloring. Please credit to mihzuki or suddenlyfeline if you use them. Thanks so much!